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Hi, I’m Tom

Is Your Product, Marketing, and Sales in Sync?

Building and scaling a company is tough. Many entrepreneurs struggle to keep product, marketing, and sales in sync, especially in B2B markets.

I help SaaS, Tech, Real Estate, and Climate Tech companies succeed by aligning their product, marketing, and sales. I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and understand the challenges you face.

In my previous company, Locatee (aquired by Tango), my team and I built a new product category «Workplace Analytics», raised millions from VCs and sold 7-figure deals to some of the largest enterprises with complex buying processes. Over the past years, I worked with dozens of companies including Open Circle, Soobr, iCommit, Hyll, Inventsys, Taskbase, CO4, and many more.

How We Can Collaborate

I regularly help CEO’s, entrepreneurs and founders with my experience as part of independant mandates, as an Innosuisse Scale-up Coach or as a EO Accelerator Moderator. Learn about my areas of expertise and offerings below.

🎯 Areas of Expertise

  • GTM and Product Strategy
  • Finding Product Market Fit
  • Account Based Marketing and Enterprise Sales
  • Product Marketing & Positioning
  • Internationalisation (US, Europe)
  • Fundraising & Capital Strategies
  • Founder Growth & Leadership

📌 Current Offerings

  • Deep dive working sessions on finding product market-fit, ABM, Founder- to Sales-led Growth and many more
  • Ad-hoc advisory sessions on your specific business challenges
  • Fractional leadership – I get my hands dirty and take over responsibility for a specific area
  • Independent board mandates

🔗 Companies I work with

  • Open Circle
  • Soobr
  • Bluelion Incubator
  • iCommit
  • Inventsys
  • Sotaria
  • Taskbase

...and many more.

«Tom’s expertise in the B2B SaaS sector and venture capital dynamics were invaluable. He quickly grasped our business, leading us to our own conclusions through insightful challenges. His impact-driven approach was instrumental to our success. We look forward to further collaboration and highly recommend his services.» Fabrice Gürmann, founder at Sotaria

My Free Resources and Guides

Together with Andrea Ratzenberger and Kevin Sartori I created the above resources. Access all of them here.

My Ventures

Aside from helping other companies, I continue to follow my entrepreneurial passion and build new ventures.

🌍 Climate and Proptech Venture

I am currently building my next venture at the intersection of climate and property technology. Stay tuned for more updates.

👨‍✈️ Founder’s Copilot Your roadmap to B2B SaaS success. Alongside Andrea Ratzenberger and Kevin Sartori, I demystify the startup landscape with curated toolkits, resources, and direct mentorship. Check out the tools below.

🚨 Spreadsheet Police While the world is talking about AI, businesses are still running in circles with Excel spreadsheets. Enough with the manual spreadsheets! We're on a mission to streamline organizational efficiency by replacing outdated spreadsheet processes with modern SaaS solutions. Learn more about it here.

🏢 Locatee (Acquired by Tango)

I co-founded Locatee, a leading Workplace Analytics company in 2015 and scaled it to over 1’000 buildings and 60 countries across the globe and led a team of 50+ people. Locatee was acquired by Tango, a leading US based real estate solution provider in February 2024.

If you're as excited about the future of tech as I am, let's connect. Join 10k+ followers on Linkedin or subscribe to my Substack. Whether you're seeking support, guidance, investment, or just a thoughtful conversation over coffee, I'm all ears. Write me here.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Best, Tom

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